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X#1 Fresh Rolls (3)

Chicken/shrimp noodles

mixed veggies wrapped in rice paper.

Served with sweet chili peanut sauce.



#2 Egg Rolls (4)

Deep fried stuffed ground

pork with cabbage, carrots, bean threat

noodles. Served with sweet chili sauce.



#3 Steam Rolls:

Stuffed with imitation crab,

chicken, bean sprouts, carrot, daikon, and

cucumber. Served with Tamarind sauce.



#4  Tao Hoo Kha Moo Tod:

Sdeep fried tofu,

black bean, taro stick in rice flour dough.

Served with sweet peanut sauce



#5 Crab Rangoons (8)

Stuffed Wonton with

imitation crab meat and cream cheese. .



#6 Bueng Yuan

Imitation crab, chicken,

bean sprouts in turmeric pancake.



#7 Brussel Sprouts

Blackening Brussel

Sprouts grilled to perfection.



#8 Cabbage

All-time favorite snack

cooked cabbage in garlic fish sauce.



#9 Yum Hed:

Mushrooms salad with garlic,

onions, cilantro dressing



#10 Veggies Tempura



#11 Shrimp Wrapped



#12 Tiew Kum Wan

One of the most

popular Thai snack you have to try.

Combination of ground shrimp and ground

pork Served on top of home made noodle and

leafy lettuce.



#13 Hoi Tod:

Mussels, green onions, pancake with bean sprouts, Served with Sriracha sauce.



#14 Stuffed Chicken wings:

With grounded chicken, bean thread noodles, cabbage, deep fried, Served with sweet chili sauce.


N#15 Yum Yai: Thai Town Salad:

With marinated chicken, hard boiled egg, mixed

veggies with cream dressing.



#16  Papaya Salad:

A one of the pop salad from Thailand and Lao country.



#17 Tum Tua:

Spicy green bean salad from NE Thailand



#18  Tum Mee:

Spicy noodle salad with squid, shrimp, meat ball



#19 Nam Sod:

Ground pork with ginger, onions, roasted peanut in lemon Pineapple sauce



#20 Num Tok:

Tender grilled beef or pork in spicy lemon sauce.



#21 Larb

Choice of ground beef, pork, chicken salad in roasted rice, onions and lime dressing



#22 Yum Nua:

Grill Beef mixed with sweet chili sauce, cucumber, tomatoes,and lettuce



#23 Yum Talay:

Mixed seafood salad in lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf and lime dressing



#24 Yum Woon Sen:

Silver bean thread noodles salad with shrimp, ground pork, onions, tomatoes and lettuce



#25 Yum Mama

Ramen noodles with ground pork, shrimp, onions, tomatoes and lime sauce.



 #26 Tom Yum Gai:

Hot and sour chicken

soup with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes



#27 Tom Yum Goong:

Hot and sour shrimp soup with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes



#28 Tom Kha Gai:

Coconut milk hot and sour soup with mushrooms, and onions



#29 Tom Kha Goong:

Coconut milk hot and sour soup with mushrooms and onions



#30 Woon Sen Soup:

Rounded ground pork silver noodle soup with Napa cabbage



#31 Tom Zab Talay:

A volcano hot and sour soup, with sea food combo.


 #32 Pho Pork/Beef/Chicken/Num Tok/Tom Yum


#33 Pad Thai:

Rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts,

and green onions in our special sauce. Served

with roasted ground peanut, sugar, and lime



#34 Pad Woon Sen:

Bean thread noodles, egg,

Napa cabbage, in garlic sauce


#35 Pad Kee Mao:

Homemade flat noodles,

mixed veggie with spicy garlic basil sauce


#36 Pad See Ew:

Homemade flat noodles, egg,

broccoli, soy bean sauce


#37 Lad Nah:

Homemade flat noodles, mixed

veggies with special house gravy


#38 Pad See Ew:

Homemade flat noodles, egg,

broccoli, soy bean sauce


#39 Kao Piak:

A traditional Laotian rice noodle soup

Noodles: $12.99

Chicken: $12.99

Beef: $12.99

Pork: $12.99

Shrimp: $14.99

all Pho soup cone with fresh bean sprout, basil, Cilantro


#40 Shrimp with curry flavor



#41 Choice of Chicken/ Beef/ Pork Fried Rice

       $12.99   Combo $14.99

Veggies: $12.99

Chicken: $12.99

Beef: $12.99

Pork: $12.99

Shrimp: $14.99

#42 Yellow:

Choice of meat curry with potatoes, onion,  and carrots


#43 Green:

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork with zucchini, sweet pea, bamboo

strip, and basil


#44 Red

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork with bamboo strip, bell pepper and basil


#45 Panang:

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork in red curry peanut sauce


#46 Gang Kua:

Pineapple curry with lime leaf.

Chicken: $13.99

Beef: $13.99

Pork: $13.99

Shrimp: $13.99

Fish or sea combo $20

#47 Garlic on a bed of steamed broccoli


#48 Pad Gra Pow:

Garlic, chili and basil. Crispy golden egg add 1.50


#49 Pad Him Ma Pan:

Cashews with onions, and roasted whole pepper


#50 Pad King:

Fresh ginger, mushrooms, bell pepper and onions


#51 Pad Tua:

Green bean, bell pepper, garlic, onions


#52 Pad Pak:

Fresh veggies combo with garlic and oyster sauce

  #53 Nam Kao:

Special rice and pork salad with roasted

peanut, onions, cilantro and leafy lettuce.



#54 Spicy Angel:

Curry sauce with mixed veggies over pasta.

Seafood $20.00  Beef/Chicken/or Pork  $16.00


#55 BBQ:

Choice of pork, or beef, Served with rice, veggie and Spicy lemon sauce




#56 Pla Rad Prik:

Salmon bathing with red curry sauce.



#57 Pla Sam Rod:

Crispy Salmon/Tilapia with Tamarind sauce



#58 Pla Nueng Manow

Pork, squid, shrimp, Tilapia, or Salmon

in spicy lemon garlic sauce.



#59 Pla/Gai Tod Samunprai

Crispy fried Salmon or chicken

wings with Thai herbs



#60 Yum Pla Dook Foo:

Onions, roasted peanut, fresh ginger,

and apple dressing.



#61 Pad Cha Talay:

Seafood combo in spicy Thai herb sauce



#62 Param:

Chicken with peanut sauce



#63 Pla/Gai Tod Samunprai

Crispy fried Salmon or chicken

wings with Thai herbs



#64 Salmon with ginger and shiitake mushrooms sauce.



#65 Pad Grapao Moo Grob:

Crispy pork with basil



#66 Moo Grob:

Crispy Pork belly Served with pickle veggies,

and soy sauce vinaigrette



#67 Roasted Duck:

half $19.00  Whole $36.00


#68 Gang Som’: Sour curry with mixed    veggies



#69 Num Prik Gapi, or Pla To or Moo with mixed veggies and pan fried eggs.



#70 Kao Moo Dang:

BBQ red pork and gravy, cucumber, cilantro



#71 Kao Mun Gai:

Tender chicken breast, rice with special

soybean sauce


Fried banana with chocolate and caramel sauce



Sweet rice with ice-cream



Thai Iced Tea $3

Thai Iced Coffee $3

Nom yen $3

Milk, OJ, Nam Kiew/dang Soda $2


Fresh Lemonade $5.00

Guava, Avocado, Berries, Orange

Cream & Pineapple



Half Pan: $70.00

Full Pan: $110.00

Half Pan Seafood: $100.00

Full Pan Seafood: $150.00



Open Daily 10am - 10pm



219 E Dimond Blvd.

Anchorage, Alaska 99515

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