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#1 Fresh Rolls (3)

Chicken/shrimp noodles

mixed veggies wrapped in rice paper.

Served with sweet chili peanut sauce.



#2 Egg Rolls (4)

Deep fried stuffed ground

pork with cabbage, carrots, bean threat

noodles. Served with sweet chili sauce.



#3 Steam Rolls:

Stuffed with imitation crab,

chicken, bean sprouts, carrot, daikon, and

cucumber. Served with Tamarind sauce.



#4  Tao Hoo Kha Moo Tod:

Sdeep fried tofu,

black bean, taro stick in rice flour dough.

Served with sweet peanut sauce



#5 Crab Rangoons (7)

Stuffed Wonton with

imitation crab meat and cream cheese. .



#6 Bueng Yuan

Imitation crab, chicken,

bean sprouts in turmeric pancake.



#7 Brussel Sprouts

Blackening Brussel

Sprouts grilled to perfection.



#8 Cabbage

All-time favorite snack

cooked cabbage in garlic fish sauce.



#9 Yum Hed:

Mushrooms salad with garlic,

onions, cilantro dressing



#10 Veggies Tempura



#11 Shrimp Wrapped



#12 Tiew Kum Wan

One of the most

popular Thai snack you have to try.

Combination of ground shrimp and ground

pork Served on top of rice paper and

leafy lettuce.



#13 Hoi Tod:

Mussels, green onions, pancake with bean sprouts, Served with Sriracha sauce.



#14 Stuffed Chicken wings:

With grounded chicken, bean thread noodles, cabbage, deep fried, Served with sweet chili sauce.


#15 Yum Yai: Thai Town Salad:

With marinated chicken, hard boiled egg, mixed

veggies with cream dressing.



#16  Papaya Salad:

A one of the pop salad from Thailand and Lao country.



#17 Tum Tua:

Spicy green bean salad from NE Thailand



#18  Tum Mee:

Spicy noodle salad with squid, shrimp, meat ball



#19 Nam Sod:

Ground pork with ginger, onions, roasted peanut in lemon Pineapple sauce



#20 Num Tok:

Tender grilled beef or pork in spicy lemon sauce.



#21 Larb

Choice of ground beef, pork, chicken salad in roasted rice, onions and lime dressing



#22 Yum Nua:

Grill Beef mixed with sweet chili sauce, cucumber, tomatoes,and lettuce



#23 Yum Talay:

Mixed seafood salad in lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf and lime dressing



#24 Yum Woon Sen:

Silver bean thread noodles salad with shrimp, ground pork, onions, tomatoes and lettuce



#25 Yum Mama

Ramen noodles with ground pork, shrimp, onions, tomatoes and lime sauce.



#26 Tom Yum Gai:

Hot and sour chicken

soup with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes



#27 Tom Yum Goong:

Hot and sour shrimp soup with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes



#28 Tom Kha Gai:

Coconut milk hot and sour soup with mushrooms, and onions



#29 Tom Kha Goong:

Coconut milk hot and sour soup with mushrooms and onions



#30 Woon Sen Soup:

Rounded ground pork silver noodle soup with Napa cabbage



#31 Tom Zab Talay:

A volcano hot and sour soup, with sea food combo.


#32 Pho Pork/Beef/Chicken/Num Tok/Tom Yum


#33 Pad Thai:

Rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts,

and green onions in our special sauce. Served

with roasted ground peanut, sugar, and lime



#34 Pad Woon Sen:

Bean thread noodles, egg,

Napa cabbage, in garlic sauce


#35 Pad Kee Mao:

Homemade flat noodles,

mixed veggie with spicy garlic basil sauce


#36 Pad See Ew:

Homemade flat noodles, egg,

broccoli, soy bean sauce


#37 Lad Nah:

Homemade flat noodles, mixed

veggies with special house gravy


#38 Pad See Ew:

Homemade flat noodles, egg,

broccoli, soy bean sauce


#39 Kao Piak:

A traditional Laotian rice noodle soup

Noodles: $12.99

Chicken: $12.99

Beef: $12.99

Pork: $12.99

Shrimp: $14.99

all Pho soup cone with fresh bean sprout, basil, Cilantro


#40 Shrimp with curry flavor



#41 Choice of Chicken/ Beef/ Pork Fried Rice

       $12.99   Combo $14.99

Veggies: $12.99

Chicken: $12.99

Beef: $12.99

Pork: $12.99

Shrimp: $14.99

#42 Yellow:

Choice of meat curry with potatoes, onion,  and carrots


#43 Green:

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork with zucchini, sweet pea, bamboo

strip, and basil


#44 Red

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork with bamboo strip, bell pepper and basil


#45 Panang:

Choice of chicken/beef/or pork in red curry peanut sauce


#46 Gang Kua:

Pineapple curry with lime leaf.

Noodles: $12.99

Chicken: $12.99

Beef: $12.99

Pork: $12.99

Shrimp: $14.99

#47 Garlic on a bed of steamed broccoli


#48 Pad Gra Pow:

Garlic, chili and basil. Crispy golden egg add 1.50


#49 Pad Him Ma Pan:

Cashews with onions, and roasted whole pepper


#50 Pad King:

Fresh ginger, mushrooms, bell pepper and onions


#51 Pad Tua:

Green bean, bell pepper, garlic, onions


#52 Pad Pak:

Fresh veggies combo with garlic and oyster sauce

#53 Nam Kao:

Special rice and pork salad with roasted

peanut, onions, cilantro and leafy lettuce.



#54 Spicy Angel:

Curry sauce with mixed veggies over pasta.

Seafood $20.00  Beef/Chicken $16.00


#55 BBQ:

Choice of pork, chicken or beef, Served with prik

noom’ sauce



#56 Pla Rad Prik:

Salmon bathing with red curry sauce.



#57 Pla Sam Rod:

Crispy Salmon/Tilapia with Tamarind sauce



#58 Pla Nueng Manow

Pork, squid, shrimp, Tilapia, or Salmon

in spicy lemon garlic sauce.



#59 Pla/Gai Tod Samunprai

Crispy fried Salmon/chicken

wings with Thai herbs



#60 Yum Pla Dook Foo:

Onions, roasted peanut, fresh ginger,

and apple dressing.



#61 Pad Cha Talay:

Seafood combo in spicy Thai herb sauce



#62 Param:

Chicken with peanut sauce



#63 Pla/Gai Tod Samunprai

Crispy fried Salmon/chicken

wings with Thai herbs



#64 Salmon with ginger and shiitake mushrooms sauce.



#65 Pad Grapao Moo Grob:

Crispy pork with basil



#66 Moo Grob:

Crispy Pork belly Served with pickle veggies,

and soy sauce vinaigrette



#67 Roasted Duck:

half $19.00  Whole $36.00


#68 Gang Som’: Sour curry with mixed    veggies



#69 Num Prik Gapi, or Pla To or Moo with mixed veggies and pan fried eggs.



#70 Kao Moo Dang:

BBQ red pork and gravy, cucumber, cilantro



#71 Kao Mun Gai:

Tender chicken breast, rice with special

soybean sauce


Fried banana with chocolate and caramel sauce



Sweet rice with ice-cream



Thai Iced Tea $3

Thai Iced Coffee $3

Nom yen $3

Milk, OJ, Nam Kiew/dang Soda $2


Fresh Lemonade $5.00

Guava, Avocado, Berries, Orange

Cream & Pineapple



Half Pan: $70.00

Full Pan: $110.00

Half Pan Seafood: $100.00

Full Pan Seafood: $150.00



Open Daily 10am - 10pm



219 E Dimond Blvd.

Anchorage, Alaska 99515

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